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Virginia Bill Seeks to Simplify Admission of Business Records

House Bill Number 301, recently introduced in the House of Delegates, would streamline the admission of records at trial in circuit court subject to the business records hearsay exception. The bill would allow for the authentication of records by use of a certificate of authentication to be provided to opposing parties, subject to objection. If enacted, the bill would make the process of authenticating records much simpler and more efficient and would potentially lessen costs borne by litigants to secure authenticating testimony. Bill 301 would seem to be of particular interest to personal injury plaintiffs, as it has potential to reduce time and expense associated with authenticating medical and billing records.

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1. Steven Wiley | February 28, 2014 at 05:41 PM EST

It appears that the bill simplifying records admission has passed the General Assembly, as indicated by the updated link in the post.

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