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Employee Social Media Privacy in the General Assembly

It's been a while since I've blogged; I hope to get back to posting more regularly about issues and developments of Virginia law that I find interesting. Today I see that the Virginian-Pilot is reporting that the House of Delegates has passed a bill providing some protection for employees and prospective employees regarding social media privacy. 

It looks like the bill would prohibit an employer or potential employer from requiring employees or potential employers to provide the employer with their social media passwords or user names. It would also prohibit employers from requiring employees accept friend or follow requests on social media. So, if the bill passes and eventually becomes law, it looks like you won't have to feel obligated to accept your boss's friend request on Facebook and you won't have to give him access to check out your Instagram selfies. 

Regardless, once something's out on the internet, it's out there forever and can easily be spread around outside of your social media accounts, so be careful out there with what you post.  

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