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Disclosure of Automobile Insurance Policy Limits in Virginia and West Virginia

If you have been hurt in an automobile accident in Virginia or West Virginia for which you were not at fault, both states have enacted statutes in recent years that may allow you to find out the amount of liability insurance the at-fault driver may have to cover your damages.

Under a Virginia statute enacted in 2008, a person injured in a motor vehicle accident, or that person's lawyer, may request a disclosure of liability insurance policy limits from the insurer of any other person who may have been at fault upon the provision of documentation regarding the accident and monetary losses such as medical bills and lost wages. If the requirements of the statute are met and the documented monetary damages exceed $12,500.00, the insurer must disclose policy limits in writing within thirty days.

In 2012, West Virginia adopted a statute very similar to Virginia's motor vehicle accident insurance disclosure statute, with the exception that no minimum amount of documented damages are necessary to compel a policy limits disclosure. 

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