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A General Reminder

In reviewing my last several posts, I've realized that the format of my blog, and my site in general, places my disclaimer at the bottom of the page. As my posts increase in number, the bottom of my blog page becomes more and more distant for those who may visit. So, I decided to take the opportunity just to offer a reminder that this blog is just meant to be an outlet for me to post quick discussions of various legal matters. My posts may be inspired by an area of law I'm working on at the moment, something in the news or just something I find interesting feel like discussing. My posts are not intended to be exhaustive on any given subject and should not be considered any sort of advice. And, yes, since this blog is part of a website advertising my services, it should be considered advertising material and the fact that I'm posting general legal information on this publicly-available website does not create any attorney-client relationship between me and anyone who stops by to read.

Most of my posts deal with Virginia or West Virginia law, since those are the states where I am admitted to practice, although I may occasionally post about other items of interest. If you have found this blog in a quest to find information about a legal issue you may be facing, please don't rely upon my posts as providing definitive answers, as they are meant just to be very basic discussions of general principles of law. Every situation is unique and may be more complex than first meets the eye. If you're facing a legal problem, by all means consult a lawyer and don't rely on a blog post. If your legal issue is in the Charleston area or in Hampton Roads, I'd be happy to consult with you to see if I can help. You're welcome to call or email me at any time. Thank you for reading.

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